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SaddleBrooke Ranch Pickleball Association
SaddleBrooke Ranch, Oracle, Arizona
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Upcoming Events

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Pickleball Beginner

Are you new to pickleball?

The SBRPA Skills Development Committee hosts a 'New Player / Beginner Coaching" instruction session for residents and guests who would like to learn how to play pickleball. Our coaches will provide you with the pickleball basics to get you started – the rest is up to you. We will provide the equipment – balls and paddles. You just need to come in comfortable clothing and a pair of court shoes (not running shoes). Sessions are on Friday mornings at the new pickleball courts. Check the Court Calendar for current time or click the button below to open an email to the coach coordinator. Please let them know you are interested in learning to play.

                                                  I Want To Start Playing Pickleball

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