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SaddleBrooke Ranch Pickleball Association
SaddleBrooke Ranch, Oracle, Arizona
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Become A Member

Membership in the SaddleBrooke Ranch Pickleball Association (SBRPA) is limited to residents and renters at SaddleBrooke Ranch.  
Anyone who plays pickleball 3 or more times during club schedule sessions is asked to become a member in good standing by paying a membership fee.  Membership fees are $25 per person per year with the membership term running from January 1st to December 31st.   
If you need more information about Membership in the SaddleBrooke Ranch Pickleball Association, please contact our membership team by clicking: Membership Information .
If you would like to proceed with a membership application please click on the button below.
PLEASE NOTE:  Skill ratings above 2.0 must be verified by submitting proof/documentation to the Ratings Chair. The Ratings Committee will input higher skill levels after review.
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